During the school year several STEM/STEAM programs are offered.  Each current program is summarized below:

♦ The STEM Initiative team functions as a NSBE, Jr. Chapter (National Society of Black Engineers Junior Chapter).  The junior chapter has access to rexources of NSBE such as persons with specific STEM expertise as well as a subscription to the NSBE BRIDGE Quarterly Magazine.  The cost for NSBE Jr membership is $5 per year.  STEM activities and field trips are held throughout the year.  The activities feature a science, technology, engineering, or math oriented project or field trip.  We require participants to arrive on time so that projects can start in a timely manner.

♦ Coding Classes are held in the fall and spring each year for grades K-3.  There are 5 sessions that are 2 hours in duration. Children learn to code in using programs such as SCRATCH and TYNKER.  Current classes are scheduled for Saturdays from 12-2 pm. The cost of the classes is $25, includes a tee shirt and lunch.

♦ Robotics Teams: Four Rivers is a sponsor of two First Lego League Robotics Teams (Four Rivers Elementary STEM Team & Four Rivers Middle STEM Team). The teams consist of students in grades 4-8 and are funded by the Department of Defense and Boeing Corporation. Current team meetings are Saturdays are 12-2 pm.

Service fees for these programs are subject to change based on status of awarded grants.


You will be contacted and detailed information regarding registration, schedule, and billing will be provided.